Kidspiration 2/3     

Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration® develops thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles. In reading and writing, Kidspiration strengthens word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension and written expression.

Kidspiration helps students:

  • Develop strong thinking skills
  • Strengthen reading and writing skills
  • Build conceptual understanding in math


Kidspiration 2/3 Samples
Patterns Non-Standard Measurement
Time to the Half Hour  Penny, Nickel Dime
WeatherKnow Wonder Learn


Kidspiration 3 Math Samples

Adding It UpAlmost Halves
Patterns With ShapesVisualizing Multiplication



Recorded Kidispiration and Inspiration Sessions
Kidspiration 2 IntroductionParticipants will learn how to use the basic tools to create templates in both the Picture and the Written views found in Kid 2.
Kidspiration 2 Advanced FeaturesParticipants who have a good understanding of how Kid 2 works will explore how to hyper link to web sites, use the default settings, create templates using the Activity Wizard and learn how to create their own, unique picture libraries.
Inspiration 8 Introduction

Participants will learn how to use the basic tools to create templates in both the Diagram and the Outline views found in Inspiration 8.                                                   *** You will need to download a trial copy of Inspiration 8 that can be found at to practice.