Junior Great Books:

This program uses classic and modern text selections to teach students how to read actively, pose questions, and listen and respond to others effectively in discussion.  In the Shared Inquiry discussion, students will share ideas about a story, support their ideas with evidence, and recognize that others may have different or similar ideas about the same reading. By participating in Junior Great Books, we expect that our students will increase their comprehension and critical thinking skills as we nurture their love of reading high-quality literature.

The Junior Great Books (JGB) program supports many of the benchmarks and reading competencies of the CCPS-ELA program. ELA competencies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Self-questions to clarify and extend meaning
  • Checks, confirms or revises predictions
  • Characterizes and compares literary genres and texts from diverse cultures
  • Relates prior knowledge and experiences to literal and inferential interpretations of text
  • Refines interpretation of story elements to determine the theme, moral, or character’s point of view

In addition to Junior Great Books, a variety of higher level thinking units that extend or enrich English Language Arts skills will be provided.