Components of the Gifted and Talented Identification Process in Elementary Schools

How Are Students Identified For GT Elementary Services?


Individual Student Profile

Identification is based on multiple data points compiled into an Individual Student Profile for each nominated student.  All data in each of the following areas are rated as strong, moderate, or weak evidence that gifted education services are needed or appropriate.

Multiple Data Points:

  • Teacher Observation Checklist - includes characteristics of gifted students as seen by the teacher
  • Parent/Guardian Observation Checklist - includes characteristics of gifted students as seen by parent
  • Primary Thinking Skills (PTS) Individual Checklist - includes data from second grade thinking skills program
  • Content specific checklists - observations from teachers on content specific behaviors of gifted students
  • Production data - work samples provided by teacher and/or parent
  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) are given to all CCPS second grade students
  • PARCC Assessments - assessments taken by 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students
  • Academic instructional reading level and SRI assessment 
  • Academic mathematics instructional performance and benchmark assessments 
  • Report card grades and work habits

Possible Recommendations:

Once all of the data has been reviewed by the Gifted and Talented Referral and Review Team, one or more of the following recommendations are made in order to differentiate instruction:

  • ELA/Math intervention services provided by GT Resource Teacher 
  • Provisional placement in ELA/math enrichment intervention services (re-evaluation of placement to occur after each unit or mid-year)
  • Differentiated support services (classroom teacher receives resources from Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher to help meet the needs of students in regular classroom)
  • Monitoring and annual review (student is reviewed again mid-year and end of year or when new data is available)
  • No Gifted and Talented interventions needed at this time