Do you work with an English learner? We’re here to help!


Professional Development


Our ESOL team has done hundreds of trainings at every level, from grade-level co-planning to national conferences.  If you want to get more strategies for how to reach the English learners in your classroom, we would love to connect with you!

These are just a few examples of what we offer:


  • Supporting ELs in the content classroom

  • Top 4 things to know about your ELs

  • Graphic organizers and foldables

  • Modifying content and assessments for ELs

  • Differentiating instruction for all learners

  • Co-planning for ELs in your content area

  • Sketchnotes/visual notetaking

  • Strengthening literacy instruction

  • Pairing content and language objectives

  • Formative assessment ideas

  • Universal Thinking Verbs (UTVs)

  • Peer observation opportunities

  • Much more!


We never train the same way twice! We will work with you to develop a customized plan based on your team’s needs and wants.

Call or email Pam Mesta or your building’s ESOL teacher, and let’s start the conversation! 


Direct Service to Students


This is the heart of what our team does.


  • Initially, an ESOL teacher completes an ESOL placement test with each student to determine current language proficiency.  

  • An individualized plan is created to help to ensure the student’s success. Collaboration with content teachers and administrators is key! 

  • Students may receive content-based plug-in, pull-out, or both.  With plug-in instruction, the ESOL teacher spends time in the content classroom with the student, collaborating with the teacher, modifying assignments, providing supports and ensuring access in real time.  With pull-out instruction, students receive direct language-through-content instruction from the ESOL teacher.  


The goal is to build students’ English proficiency, so that eventually they are able to participate fully in all classes on grade level.