happy children faces  Pre-Kindergarten Fact Sheet for Families

What is the Pre-Kindergarten program?

The Carroll County Public Schools' Pre-Kindergarten Program is a state-mandated early intervention program for 4-year-olds who meet the eligibility requirements. The main goal of Pre-Kindergarten in public schools is to provide learning experiences to support the development of young children so that they may be fully ready to learn when they enter Kindergarten and are more likely to do well in school.  These experiences focus on personal and social development, language and literacy, scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, social studies, fine arts, physical development, and health education.

Who is eligible for Pre-Kindergarten?

·        Children who are residents of Carroll County

·        Children who are 4-years-old on or before September 1 of the year in which the child applies

·        Children who qualify under the Free and Reduced Meal guidelines

·        Children who are homeless or in foster care

According to COMAR 13A.06.02.03B., if all vacancies have not been filled by children meeting the eligibility criteria, Carroll County Public Schools may enroll 4-year-old children who are not from families with economically disadvantaged backgrounds but who represent a student population that exhibits a lack of readiness in personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, the arts, or physical development and health.   

How do we apply for Pre-Kindergarten?

Parents who are interested in having his/her child considered for Pre-Kindergarten eligibility must complete an Interest Form.  

When do schools screen for Pre-Kindergarten eligibility?

During the months of July and August, enrollment secretaries at local elementary schools will contact parents who completed an interest form and determine a child’s eligibility.  Each site may enroll up to 20 students per class and is staffed with a qualified teacher and instructional assistant.

Is transportation provided to and from Pre-Kindergarten for my child? 

·        One Home or Child Care address must be used to identify a child’s Pre-Kindergarten program.

·        Transportation is provided to most students, but is not guaranteed.

Where can I get more information about Pre-Kindergarten?

Additional information can be obtained from your local elementary school or by calling 410-751-3101.


Carroll County Public Schools -  March 2019