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Kindergarten Fact Sheet for Families

What is the age of entry for Kindergarten?

Maryland state regulations require that a child must turn five years of age on or before September 1st in order to attend Kindergarten in a public school.


How do I know which school is my child’s home school?

·        View School Attendance Area Locator: https://www.carrollk12.org/schools/Pages/SchoolBoundaryMaps.aspx


How and when do I enroll a child for Kindergarten?

Only the biological parent, custodial parent, or court appointed legal guardian may enroll a child in school.  You are encouraged to enroll a child during the Kindergarten Registration week in March. During this week, enrollment secretaries at each local elementary schools will be available to assist in the process.  You are welcome to call the school if you wish to set up an enrollment outside of this week. 

·        View Enrolling A Student in School:   https://www.carrollk12.org/instruction/studentservices/Pages/EnrollingAStudentInSchool.aspx

·        View School Websites:   https://www.carrollk12.org/schools/Pages/OurSchools.aspx


Maturity Waiver

Maryland law requires that a Kindergarten-age child who lives in Maryland must attend a public or nonpublic Kindergarten program unless the parents request a Level of Maturity Waiver.  This allows parents/legal guardians to submit a one-year level of maturity waiver if they believe that a delay in Kindergarten attendance is in the best interest of the child.  The child, however, must attend Kindergarten the next year.

Kindergarten Level of Maturity Waiver applications are available in all elementary schools.  The waiver must be filed with the Principal of the school his/her child is eligible to attend.


Where can I get more information about Kindergarten?

Additional information can be obtained by calling your local elementary school or 410-751-3101.

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