Note:  Early Entrance Packets will be available after March 1st

 at your local elementary school.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Procedures and Guidelines
According to state regulation, COMAR 13A.08.01.02B, the local board of education shall adopt a regulation permitting a 4-year-old child, upon request by the parent or guardian, to be admitted to kindergarten if the local superintendent or superintendent’s designee determines that the child has demonstrated capabilities warranting early admission. A child who is considered for early admission demonstrates proficiency at the 90th percentile or above in academic and social skills. 
Children entering kindergarten should be 5 years of age on or before September 1.  If a parent or guardian requests a waiver for his/her child to enter kindergarten early, the child must be 5 years old on or before October 1.  No request will be honored for early entrance for any child whose birthday is after October 1.
Time Line for the Process
The time line for consideration for early entrance to kindergarten is as follows:
-        April  – parents complete and submit the application packet
-        May  – assessments are scheduled
-        June  – parents are notified of status
There are no exceptions to this time line.
Procedure for Early Entrance
A parent request for consideration for early admission to kindergarten can be made by securing and then completing an application and questionnaires for early kindergarten admission. Applications are available from each child’s home elementary school. There are two required parts to the application process: 1) Application completed by a parent/guardian and 2) Prior Care form completed by a child care provider. All forms must be totally completed and submitted/postmarked before April 30 for an assessment to be scheduled.
Students with completed early entrance applications will be scheduled for an assessment in May. The test will take place in designated locations under the supervision of Carroll County Public Schools’ professional staff.
In addition to the test results, the following key indicators will be considered along with identified pertinent information when making the decision regarding early entrance to kindergarten:
  • Early entrance into kindergarten is intended for children who excel in meeting the kindergarten readiness standards and are capable of working in a classroom setting with children who are up to 13 months older.
  • The needs of the whole child should be considered including social/emotional and physical factors as well as cognitive.
  • A child should exhibit a level of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional maturity that is commensurate with that of children who are up to 13 months older.