Vision: The following goals chart the course for achieving the mission of career and technology education in Carroll County.

  1. Completers of career and technology education will attain challenging academic, technical and workplace related skill proficiencies.
  2. Completers of career and technology education will attain a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, a proficiency credential in conjunction with a secondary school diploma, or a post-secondary degree or credential.
  3. Placement in, retention in, and completion of, post-secondary education or advanced training, placement in military service, or placement or retention in employment will occur for all completers of career and technology education.
  4. Career and technology education will enable student participation in and completion of career and technology education programs that lead to nontraditional training and employment.

Mission: The mission for the system of career and technology education for Carroll County is to prepare learners to begin careers and pursue lifelong learning through a process of career development, academic instruction, specific technical skills development, and work experience in order to meet the workforce preparation and economic development needs of Carroll County, the region, and the global economy.

CCPS Core Values

  • Never be satisfied in our pursuit of excellence.
  • All students can learn and succeed - no excuses, no exceptions.
  • All students and staff are entitled to a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Everyone's participation is paramount to our success.
  • Treat everyone in an open, fair, honest, and respectful manner.