"All students, teachers, and visitors upon entering and participating in career and technology education or technology education laboratories, or visual arts classrooms and studios in the public schools, where the activities enumerated in the law are in progress, shall be required to wear, for general use, protective eye devices meeting the specifications of the American National Standard: Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, Z87.1-1979 and OSHA Safety and Health Standard 29 CFR B'1910.133, both of which are incorporated by reference." (COMAR - Code of Maryland Regulations)

For a summary of Maryland Code Section 7-407, COMAR 13A.06.06.01, and OSHA regulation 1910.133 click here.

Career and Technology Education Lab Policies and Procedures

Safe Conduct and Dress, I AGREE TO:


  1. Occupy my assigned place at the beginning of the Mod.
  2. Wear safety glasses at all times when machines or tools are being used in the room.
  3. Wear prescribed protective clothing and footwear and not wear loose clothing or jewelry.
    • Sandals, open-toed shoes, and shoes with canvas or mesh uppers should not be worn in the laboratory. 
    • Long hair and loose clothing or jewelry must be confined when working in the laboratory. Ties should be tucked into shirt or removed. 
  4. Practice general cleanliness and orderliness at all times.
  5. Not throw objects.
  6. Avoid "horseplay" at all times in the shop.
  7. Report all accidents including minor cuts, scratches and splinters to the instructor promptly.
  8. Remain in the room at all times except when excused by the instructor.
  9. Help with cleanup and storage duties until all jobs have been completed and approved.


Safe Machine Use, I AGREE TO:


  1. Never operate power equipment or tools unless specifically authorized.
  2. Never operate machines unless the guards are in place.
  3. Use all tools for the purpose intended and in the approved manner as taught by the instructor.
  4. Remove keys from chucks when adjustments are complete.
  5. Fasten all work securely before drilling, sanding, and other such operations.
  6. Avoid talking to or otherwise distracting others using machines or doing hazardous activities.
  7. Never adjust, clean or leave machines unattended while they are running.
  8. Not force machines beyond the capacity for which they were designed.
  9. Report to the teacher all tools and machinery in need of repair, and any hazards that I observe.

I have read the above rules and discussed them in class with my instructor. I realize they are for my protection and I will do all I can to see that they are enforced. I will observe all precautions given by my instructor or others assigned to supervise my participation in school and school-related activities. Violation of the above rules may result in student removal from the class.