Approval of Instructional Materials

Titles of approved materials found in the links below have been vetted and approved by the Carroll County Public Schools Curriculum and our Board of Education.  Each year, the Curriculum Council examines the textbook materials that have been recommended by the instructional supervisors and reviews materials for the following factors:

  • meets community standards for language content;
  • provides appropriate, accurate, and non-biased subject and grade level content;
  • provides accurate and appropriate recognition of cultural diversity;
  • represents appropriate and current technologies; and,
  • provides for a stereotype-free presentation, except when historically appropriate.

 After review, discussion, and voting procedures, the Curriculum Council's list of textbooks recommended for approval is sent to the Board of Education for further review.  The materials are available for public review throughout the process.

Council members are vital to this process, and they are the vehicle for community voice and representation.  Chaired by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, the Curriculum Council is comprised of representatives from:

  • Parents of each school
  • Students from each high school
  • Board of Education
  • Carroll County Education Association
  • School Principals or Assistant Principals
  • Interested Citizens

Timeline for the Adoption Process

When Who What
  • Curriculum Council
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Supervisors
Supervisors present recommended titles to the Council
March through May
  • Curriculum Council
  • General Public
Textbooks for adoption are available for review
  • Curriculum Council
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Board of Education
Council approves and presents recommended textbooks for adoption to the Board of Education
  • Board of Education
The Board of Education will adopt textbooks for use in the Carroll County Public Schools

If a member of the community has a concern regarding any of the items on the approved list, they can follow reconsideration procedures outlined in the "Selection, Evaluation, and Adoption of Instructional Materials Handbook".

Instructional Materials Approved at June 2021 Board Meeting

Approved Elementary Instructional Materials

Approved Middle School Instructional Materials

Approved High School Instructional Materials