Printable Parent Letter

Key Vocabulary

Students need to:

  • Name, recognize and use the attributes of plane geometric figures (i.e. describe shapes by number of sides and/or corners)Review comparing and describing of two-dimensional figures (circle, triangles, squares)
  • Match triangles, circles, rectangles and squares
  • Identify triangles, circles, rectangles and squares in the environment
  • Compare three-dimensional figures with real world objects.
  • Compare and describe attributes of three-dimensional figures such as cones, cubes, cylinders, and spheres
  • Compose and describe structures using three-dimensional shapes. Descriptions may include shape attributes, relative position (above, below, over, under, on, next to, in front of, beside, behind, between, etc.)
  • Represent and duplicate simple repeating patterns using no more than 2 different objects and different actions in the core of the pattern*
  • Extend simple patterns of sound, movement, and concrete objects by predicting what comes next in a sequence of repeating elements