2018 Legislative Position Statements


 General Positions
Support local control of education policy, curriculum, calendar, and school system administration.
Support local control of appropriations and expenditures within budget categories.
Support full state funding for education including revised definitions of adequate and equitable funding that account for declining enrollment. 
Oppose unfunded or partially funded state mandates.
Oppose revisions to the Charter School Law that impedes the Board's governance authority or alters operating or capital funding requirements.
Specific Legislative Positions
Student Representative
             Support a Board-funded scholarship for the student representative as proposed by the Board for the 2017 legislative session and currently offered by other local  Boards of  Education.             
Support local control of the number of minutes during the school day devoted to any subject area.
Oppose legislation requiring mandatory pre-kindergarten unless both the full operating and capital costs of the program are borne solely by the State of Maryland.
Education Funding & Budget
Support as a minimum requirement the current maintenance of effort as stipulated in the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.
Support hold harmless provisions in the State operating budget and/or legislation to offset any FY18 and FY19 declines in State aid based on enrollment decline.
Support full funding of the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act for Fiscal Year 2019 including increased funding to reflect inflationary increases in the cost of education, and the impact of declining enrollment and relative wealth adjustments.
Support any measures for the State's Kirwan Commission to include consideration of sustained, declining enrollment, the wealth formula, and an annual inflationary factor.
Support the inclusion of pre-kindergarten students in the state funding formula.
Oppose use of education tax dollars to support private school education.
School Facilities and Public School Construction Funding
             Support consistent state funding level for school construction and renovation projects.
Support legislation or regulations to revise the state’s definition of eligible project costs to include architectural, engineering and site development costs.  

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