Local Sources Description
Education Funding Gap Representation between the Board of Education's five-year funding request and planned revenue.
CCG Five-Year Operating Budget The Board of Commissioner's five-year operating budget plan may be seen in terms of percentage change on page 134 of the budget and whole dollar change on page 136 of the budget.
CCG Credit Rating Presentation (2015) The most recent credit rating report from CCG.  It contains projections for revenue growth and economic development.
CCG Commercial and Industrial Tax Revenue Projections Staff letter providing revenue projections for commercial and industrial tax through FY2020.
CCPS Five-Year Operating Budget Request  
CCPS Educational Facilities Master Plan The Educational Facilities Master Plan the present and future facility needs of CCPS.  It is an annual planning document required by the State planning process.
CCPS Capital Improvement Program The Capital Improvement program is the Board of Education's prioritized, annual capital budget request to the State and County. 
CCPS Internal Review of Organizational Efficiency Study provided to the Board of Education in March 2016 detailing the efficiency of the school system's operations through comparative data. 
CCPS Vision 2018 Accomplishments Most recent present of CCPS accomplishments under the system's five-year operational plan.  This report has been provided annually to the Board of Education.
CCPS Measures of Success  
CCPS Prior Expenditure Reductions Summary of prior operational budget expenditure reductions from FY09-16.  In addition, other questions regarding possible budget reductions are found here.   
Hiring and Departure Analysis
COLA and Salary Comparision​Provided by Maryland State Education Association.
MSDE Student Services Program Audit
Board of Education of Carroll County FY17 Budget Information​CCPS FY17 Budget Information


External SourcesDescription
Thornton Commission ReportReport of the original State Commission that studied adequate and equitable school funding in Maryland.  The Commission's recommendations were enacted in 2002 as the Bridge to Excellence Act
State Adequacy of Funding for Education Study SiteState website that contains all information related to the new study of adequacy of funding for public education.
Economic Value Study of CCPS conducted by BEACONStudy of the operational and capital economic return on investment of CCPS conducted by the Business, Economic, and Community Outreach Network of Salisbury University.
DLS Overview of Local GovernmentsAnnual report of the Department of Legislative Services on Maryland local governments.  The report contains demographic data, revenue data, public education data, and public salary data.
MSDE Fact BooksMSDE page for all current and past Fact Books.  The Fact Book contains information on school system staff and demographics, salaries, and funding.  The data in the most recent Fact Book is at least two fiscal years old.
MSDE Staff and Student PublicationsMSDE annual reports that provide student enrollment and demographic information and staff demographic and salary information.
www.mdreportcard.orgState website that provides annual student achievement data for all school systems.
Maryland Dept. of Planning StatisticsData Center for the Department of Planning that provides demographic information and trends for the state.
Maryland Public School Construction Programs GuidelinesWebsite for the Maryland Public School Construction Program that includes the Administrative Procedures Guide.
Commission to Review Maryland's Use of Assessments in Public SchoolsState website dedicated to the work of the commission formed to examine and make recommendations on the amount of testing in public schools.  The final report is available here.
"​The Great Homework Debate: What's Getting Lost in the Hype"​A neaToday article discussing how homework has changed very little over the past 65 years.


Internal SourcesDescription
Board of Education Policies and Administrative RegulationsThe Board of Education Policies and the Administrative Regulation, which provide the guidelines for policy implementation, may be searched by using key words and phrases.
CCPS Staffing Analysis and Class Size Report Executive Summary​Annually in November the Board receives the Staffing Analysis and Class Size Report.  All the sections of the 2015 report may be located here.
CCPS Hiring and Departure Analysis​Annually in October the Bpard received a Hiring and Deparute Analysis Report.  The report includes data and information related to recruitment, retention, attrition, and declination rates.
CCPS Superintendent's Committee on State Assessment Presenation​Presentation of Superintendent's Committee on State Assessments received by the Board in November 2015.
Board of Education Homework Policy and Administrative Regulations