Pathways Opportunities for Student Success Family and Community Partnerships Successful Workforce ​​Safe and Secure Environment
Pillar I: Provide Multiple Pathway Opportunities for Student Success
OBJECTIVE I.i:    Students exit CCPS college, career, and community ready.
OBJECTIVE I.ii:   CCPS improves the proficiency level of each student subgroup in ELA and mathematics.
OBJECTIVE I.iii:  CCPS provides access to a well-rounded, varied, and rigorous curriculum to all students.
Priority Focus Areas for 2018-19 Baseline Performance Performance Targets
2018-19 2022-23
ES: Percentage of students who are reading on grade-level, as measured by local assessments, by the end of grade 3.


59.0% Comprehension Benchmark Assessment (CBA)

73.3% Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)


63% CBA


75% SRI




80% CBA and SRI

MS: Percentage of students who successfully complete Algebra I by the end of grade 8 (credit + PARCC)

2017: 18.7%

2018: 18.8%


HS: Participation of under-represented student groups in high school Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs, honors courses, and Advanced Placement (AP)/Transcripted-credit courses.



High School Population 2017-18

White     7310     88.9%

Black       451       5.5%

Hispanic 466       5.7%

FaRMS    1270    15.4%

SpEd        737      8.9%


AP 2018

92.3% White

3.5% Black

4.2% Hispanic

0.5% Special Ed

6.5% FaRMS



90.7% White

4.4% Black

4.9% Hispanic

3.0% Special ED

9.3% FaRMS

CTE 2018

91.4 % White

3.7% Black

4.9% Hispanic

7.4% Special Ed

12.0% FaRMS

Annual progress toward five-year goal.


Each under-represented

student group within 1% of the overall high school

population in 2023.



FaRMS students enrolled in honors courses within 3% of the overall high

school population in 2023.



FaRMS students enrolled in AP/Transcripted

courses within 6% of the overall high school population in 2023.

ALL STUDENTS: Improve the percentage of students scoring proficient or higher on Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics grades 3-11 for each of the following student groups:

    • White
    • Minority
    • Non-FaRMs
    • FaRMs
    • Non-Special Education
    • Special Education

Data Available on the Maryland Report Card website



3 percentage points growth in the number of students scoring proficient or higher in each student group on the 2019 PARCC ELA and Math assessments over the 2018 PARCC ELA and Math assessments.


To Be Determined based on the 2020 MCAP results.