Southern Area Redistricting Status

At its December 8, 2021 business meeting, the Board of Education approved a recommendation to implement a Southern Area Redistricting Committee.  The committee would form in January 2022 and meet the timeline in Administrative Regulation JCAA of bringing a report in September 2022.

In 2019, through approval of the Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP), the Board approved a Freedom Elementary Redistricting Committee.  The same EFMP suggested that capacity at the Southern Area middle schools be monitored.  That committee’s work was interrupted and then postponed by the impact of the pandemic on enrollment.  The archived work of the Freedom Elementary Redistricting Committee may be found here.

The current EFMP indicated that we would review September 2021 enrollments and make recommendations when appropriate.  The Superintendent is now recommending reinstituting a Southern Area Redistricting Committee to complete the work of making recommendations to balance enrollment and capacities for all schools in the region.  As with the original committee, this one would include key staff, County partners, and parent representatives.

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Based on the Board’s approval, the Superintendent appointed a committee to explore redistricting options to alleviate overcrowding.  The committee, which includes staff, parent representatives from impacted  schools, and representatives from Carroll County Government, begins meeting in January 2022.

The committee will follow the factors and guidelines in Board policy and administrative regulations JCAA.  The committee will have about a full year to meet and deliberate. Policy and administrative regulations require a report to be presented to the Board by September 2022.  If the committee makes recommendations for specific redistricting of students, those recommendations will be communicated in multiple ways and at least two public hearings will be held prior to any final Board action.  These requirements are dictated in the policy and administrative regulations:

Notification for two public hearings shall be provided at the time of presentation to the Board of Education, via school newsletters, via the Carroll County Public Schools website, written press, and eschool newsletters or other electronic notification method employed by CCPS at the time.



  • Committee formed - January 2022
  • Committee meetings - January 2022 through August 2022
  • Committee final recommendations - September 22 - Final Committee recommendations to Superintendent presented at Board of Education meeting
  • Public Hearings (dates to be determined)


Committee Meetings


Communications Regarding the Committee

Parent Letter (sent 1/24/22)

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We wanted to make sure you are aware that a committee has been formed to explore and study potential redistricting options to alleviate overcrowding of elementary schools in the southern region of the county.

In September 2019, the Board of Education convened the Freedom Elementary Redistricting Committee to address overcrowding in that school and limit the impact to the schools in that area.  The committee’s work was suspended as a result of the pandemic.

At the December 8, 2021, meeting, the Board of Education approved a recommendation to reinstitute a redistricting committee with direction to review the entire southern region of the county including the elementary, middle, and high school feeder patterns.   Similar to the previous committee, the new committee will include parent representation from the schools anticipated to be impacted by the committee recommendations.  To meet the requirements of Board Policy and Administrative Regulation JCAA, the committee will need to provide initial recommendations to the Board of Education by July of 2022.

Recommendations for redistricting will be shared through several forms of communication, including a link on the CCPS home webpage.  In addition, there will be multiple opportunities for input prior to any action, including at least two public hearings on recommendations.  Any Board-approved recommendations for redistricting would not be implemented until the 2023-2024 school year.

Carroll County Public Schools understands that potential redistricting can bring uncertainty and concern.  We are committed to open communication throughout this entire process.  Please be assured that we will keep you informed every step along the way.

In an effort to keep you as informed as possible, we have created a webpage on the CCPS website entitled Southern Area Redistricting Committee.  Here you will find information about the process, the timeline, and the work of the committee, as well as background material and, ultimately, the committee’s report.  You may access the website by visiting the link provided on the CCPS webpage.

As always, we remain committed to providing high quality instruction and a safe and secure teaching and learning environment at each and every one of our schools.  We value all students, their families, and our school communities.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we advance through this process together.


Steven Lockard