Due to the coronavirus pandemic impacting our county and community, the Board of Education is currently conducting its meetings in a virtual format until the pandemic abates and the appropriate restrictions that are in place are lifted. 

Unfortunately, these adjustments will not make it possible for live public participation during the meetings.  Citizens may watch the meetings live on Channel 21 or our website, but do not have the opportunity to speak during the meeting.  The Board, however, remains interested in receiving public input on the topics we discuss.  Therefore, we encourage citizens to provide comments to the Board via email.  Alternatively, citizens may send written comments to the Board through the US mail.

Comments received will be posted below:

Date ​Submitted By ​Comments
​May 13, 2020

​Teresa Basler McCulloh, President
Carroll County Education Association

Good evening Superintendent Lockard, Members of the Board of Education and Commissioner Frazier,

I’m Teresa Basler McCulloh, President of the Carroll County Education Association who represents the dedicated, hard-working teachers, counselors, RNs, Speech and Language Providers, OTs, and PTs who are navigating uncharted territory with great effort, thought, time and energy.

It’s a whole new world! We’ve certainly made history and our teachers took off out of the gate. Distance learning has been up and running for weeks. Our nurses are now working on the frontline at a Health Department Call Center. CCPS is ahead of the plan compared to other counties. Words cannot express how thankful and proud we are of our members!

I’d like to extend gratitude to all those persons who thanked a teacher last week during “Teacher Appreciation Week”. “National School Nurse Day” had a whole new meaning this year! Notes, gifts, signs and all other tokens of appreciation were valued. Our educators always go over and beyond educating students. However, during this pandemic, there’s an area on which they are focused. This bargaining unit is displaying a genuine care and concern for their students’ well-being, safety, and mental health in ways we could never imagine. Educators miss their students incredibly. They look forward to the day they will be back in classrooms filled with students. Nothing can replace personal interactions! Educators are doing their BEST!

Thank you!

May 26, 2020​ Anthony Mikalauskas

As our world has changed, so should our mindset in what type infrastructure CCPS needs to stay competitive as we move forward. Any and all master plans from this point on should address how the BOE will work with county commissioners to implement reliable and affordable internet access for ALL households throughout the county. The inequities regarding internet access have been thrust into the spotlight. We cannot accept the status quo and must make a strong case for addressing this issue not only in the CCPS facilities master plan, but also in the overall county budget.

​May 26, 2020 ​Olivia Mason Please allow for funding to give Liberty High School air conditioning in the gymnasiums. It gets so hot in the summers with gym class and sports practices. Our school has very high-performing sports programs, yet still have completely uncomfortable and hot gyms. This has been an issue for a long time and the student body has spoken up about it for years but we just don’t have the funding. Please consider us!