Carroll County Public Schools understands that potential redistricting can bring uncertainty and concern. We are committed to open communication throughout this entire process. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of every step along the way.  

We have created this webpage in an effort to keep you as informed as possible. Here you will find information about the process, the timeline, and the work of the committee, as well as background material and, ultimately, the committee’s report. 

The Board of Education asked the Superintendent to form a committee to explore redistricting options in the Southeast Area to alleviate overcrowding at Freedom Elementary when it adopted the most recent Educational Facilities Master Plan in July 2019.  Click here to review the action and the supporting background information in the Plan.

The decision to form a committee to explore options is based on the current and projected future enrollment of Freedom Elementary School and several Board of Education policies and administrative regulations, which may be reviewed by clicking on the links below:

Enrollment Projections in the Educational Facilities Master Plan

Board Policy FB Adequate Facilities

Administrative Regulations FB Adequate Facilities

Board Policy JCAA Boundary Adjustments

Administrative Regulations JCAA Boundary Adjustments


Based on the Board’s approval of the Educational Facilities Master Plan, the Superintendent is in the process of appointing a committee to explore redistricting options to alleviate overcrowding at Freedom Elementary.  The committee, which includes a parent representative from Freedom and nearby elementary schools, has not yet met.

Once the committee is formed, it will follow the factors and guidelines in Board policy and administrative regulations JCAA.  The committee will have a full year to meet and deliberate. Policy and administrative regulations require a report to be presented to the Board by September 2020.  If the committee makes recommendations for specific redistricting of students, those recommendations will be communicated in multiple ways and at least two public hearings will be held prior to any final Board action.  These requirements are dictated in the policy and administrative regulations:

“Notification for two public hearings shall be provided at the time of presentation to the Board of Education, via school newsletters, via the Carroll County Public Schools website, written press, and eschool newsletters or other electronic notification method employed by CCPS at the time.


Committee formed (9/23/19)

Committee meets (to be determined)

June 2020 Committee presents any redistricting options at public hearing (date to be determined)

September 2020 Final Committee recommendations to Superintendent presented at Board of Education meeting

Public Hearing (date to be determined)

Communications Regarding the Committee

This portion of the website will be used to post all communications related to the committee.

Notification Letter to Freedom Elementary Parents 

Letter to Eldersburg, Linton Springs, and Mechanicsville School Communities