JA - Peer Facilitating.pdf
JB Equal Educational Opportunity .Regs.pdf
JBG - Student Participation in Political Activities.pdf
JCAA Boundary Adjustments.pdf
JDG - Suspension and Expulsion of Students.pdf
JE - Student Enrollment and Attendance Regs.2017.pdf
JEA (1of2) Students Attending School Out of Attendance Area.REGS.pdf
JEA Students Attending Schools Out of Attendance Areas 2 of 2 Regs - Final.pdf
JEA.Students Attending School Out of Attendance Area.2.12.20.pdf
JECB - Admission of Non-Resident Out-of-County Pupils.pdf
JECBA - Foreign Exchange Students.pdf
JF Students' Responsibilities and Rights.Regulations.pdf
JFBA - Off Campus School-Sponsored Activities.pdf
JFCG  Possession or Use Tobacco on School Premises by Students.Regs.pdf
JFE Programs for Pregnant and Parenting Students.Regs.pdf
JFH (504)  - Grievance Procedure for Program Access and Admission for Students with Disabilities.pdf
JGA - Corporal Punishment.pdf
JIBB - Student Representative on the Board of Education.pdf
JICA Student Dress Code.Regulations.pdf
JICB- School Materials, Student Supplies, School Fees Regs.pdf
JICEC - Freedom of Expression in Student Journalism.Regs.pdf
JICJ Portable Electronic Devices Regulations.pdf
JICK-  Student Bullying Harassment Intimidation Discrimination or Hazing.Regs.pdf
JIH - Student Searches and Seizures.pdf
JJIB - Interscholastic and Corollary Athletic Fee.pdf
JK - Discipline.pdf
JL - Collections for Charitable and Research Projects.pdf
JLCE - First Aid and Health Care.Regs.pdf
JLCG - Seriously Ill Students.pdf
JLF Child Abuse.Child Neglect.Regs2.pdf
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