1. Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before pick-up time.
  2. Walk safely to the bus stop and wait in a safe manner away from traffic
  3. Respect the right of property owners while walking to or waiting at the bus stop.
  4. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop prior to boarding the bus.
  5. Watch your step and use the handrail when getting on and off the bus.
  6. Board in an orderly manner, without pushing or shoving, at your stop or at school.
  7. Take your seat promptly and remain seated for your ride to and from school.
  8. Sit in the seat facing front; keep your feet, books and other articles out of the aisle.
  9. Keep your hands and head inside the bus.
  10. Speak quiet and respectfully to your bus driver and other students.
  11. Do not damage any part of the bus and report any damage that you see to the driver.
  12. Do not eat, drink, smoke or use vulgar language.
  13. Do not tamper with any of the bus' equipment or controls.
  14. Remain quiet and orderly so the driver is not distracted from the important job of driving
  15. Do not throw any object on the bus or outside the bus.
  16. Listen to the bus driver's instructions.
  17. Wait until the bus has come to a stop before leaving your seat.
  18. Cross ten feet in front of the bus with the warning lights when crossing in front of the bus.
  19. Always look left, right, left to check for traffic before crossing any street, even when crossing in front of the bus with its red warning lights on.