Get schoolwork done across your devices. 
With Office 365, you can install the latest version of Microsoft Office on multiple PCs, MACs, and tablets so you can work any way you want.  And, when you save your work on OneDrive you can work on the same document across all your devices.
Start and finish projects in Office. 
Office Online is a free, online version of Office that lets you create, edit, and share document among student and faculty, even if they don't have Office.  Save files to OneDrive and work together with full file fidelity or save locally and work offline with Office 365.
All your notes across all your devices. 
Download OneNote for free on your PC, Mac, phone, and tablet and create digital notebooks.  OneNote keeps all your class notes, photos, files, audio recordings and more in an easy-to-find digital notebook.  You can even hand-write notes using a touch-enabled Windows device.  Teachers, can also use the new app that allows you to create class notebooks and personal workspace for every student.
What CCPS students get. 
CCPS student will have access to email in the cloud by sending within the CCPS domain – currently there is no outside email capability.  Students will also get 1 TB of secure online storage and access to shared resources shared by teachers as well as the ability to share OneDrive documents and folders with other students and teachers.  Each student is eligible to download up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office Professional to compatible personal devices for free.
Click here for the Office 365 CCPS User Guide for Students