Active Employee Open Enrollment Information

The open enrollment for active employees is held November 7 – November 27.  The packets are being distributed to schools on November 7 and 8.  The benefits enrollment (including FSA) is completed using the online Benefits Management system accessed through the Technology Services Portal or at

2019 Open Enrollment Packet

2019 Open Enrollment Benefits Guide

Anyone enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account for 2018 who would like to have an account for 2019 MUST make an election for 2019.  If an election is not made, the deduction will stop after the December 31, 2018 pay. 

There are no plan changes for 2019.  The updated costs are reflected in the Open Enrollment Packet. 



Carroll County Public Schools offers a variety of benefits for its employees. 

For all employee, Sick Leave Banks are offered for short-term disability benefits.  An employee enrolled in the bank can access additional sick days if all of their own leave is exhausted.  The Professional Sick Leave Bank is for teachers, RN's, administrators/supervisors, Administrative & Technical Support Personnel (ATSP) employees, and Cabinet members.  The Classified Sick Leave Bank is for custodial and maintenance employees, clerical staff, assistants and paraprofessionals, LPN's and food services staff.

Sick Leave Bank Booklets/Forms

Professional Employee Sick Leave Bank Booklet
Classified Employee Sick Leave Bank Booklet
Sick Leave Bank Grant Request


For those employees working more than 20 hours per week in contractual, permanent employment (except cafeteria workers as of July 1, 2012), CCPS offers insurance benefits. These benefits include:

Medical/Prescription Drug
Flexible Spending Accounts
Basic Life Insurance (CCPS Paid)
Supplemental Life Insurance
Long Term Disability
Benefit Forms
Aetna Medical Claim Form
Aetna Mail Order Prescription Drug Form
CIGNA Dental Claim Form
UHC Vision Out-of-Network Claim Form


Medical/Prescription Drug

 All benefit eligible employees are offered the Aetna Managed Choice® Point-of- Service Plan. This plan offers two levels of coverage - preferred and non-preferred. The benefit coverage is based on whether care is provided in the network by the primary care physician or with a referral for specialty care (preferred care) or out of the network (non-preferred care). The plan includes prescription drug coverage. 
All employees except those represented by the Carroll County Education Association (CCEA – teachers, school counselors, therapists, RN’s) are also offered the Aetna Health Fund® PPO Plan with health savings account. This plan combines the use of a health savings account along with a high deductible health plan to offer tax advantages and savings for future health care expenses.


CCPS offers a PPO dental plan through CIGNA. While it is advantageous to use a PPO dentist, the same reimbursement levels are offered for out-of-network providers.


Employees are offered a separate vision plan through UnitedHealthcare Vision.  This voluntary vision plan offers benefits every 12 months.  Additionally, if employees are enrolled in the medical plan, as Aetna members, a discount program is available for additional exams, glasses, contacts, etc. (see above).   Certain employees who were not enrolled in the medical plan as of July 1, 2010 but were enrolled in the previous vision plan have been grandfathered into a Basic Vision Plan offered through UnitedHeatlh Care Vision.


Flexible Spending Accounts

These accounts offer employees a way to pay for health care or day care expenses using pre-tax dollars. This benefit is administered by Flexible Benefits Administrators (FBA) and offers a debit card to conveniently access the money in the accounts.


Life Insurance

CCPS provides each benefit eligible employee 1.5 times their salary in life insurance (rounded to the next $1,000) at no cost. Employees are eligible to purchase supplemental life insurance in $20,000 increments between $20,000 and $100,000. If employee supplemental life is purchased, the employee may purchase supplemental life for their spouse (up to ½ of the employee’s amount in increments of $10,000 between $10,000 and $50,000) and for their eligible child(ren) for $5,000 per child. Coverage is underwritten by Standard Insurance Company.


Long Term Disability

 Coverage is offered to benefit eligible employees with the cost fully paid by employees, except for employees represented by the Administrators and Supervisors bargaining group (A&S), as well as Administrative Technical Support Personnel and executive leadership employees who are provided this benefit at no cost. The benefit provides 60% of the pre-disability gross income if an employee becomes disabled beyond 90 calendar days. ]