Carroll County Public Schools offers a variety of benefits for its employees. 


For all permanent employees, Sick Leave Banks are offered for short-term disability benefits.  An employee enrolled in the bank can access additional sick days once all their own leave is exhausted and an applicable waiting period is met.  The Professional Sick Leave Bank is for teachers, RN's, administrators/supervisors, Administrative & Technical Support Personnel (ATSP) employees, and Cabinet members.  The Classified Sick Leave Bank is for custodial and maintenance employees, clerical staff, assistants and paraprofessionals, LPN's and food services staff.

Sick Leave Bank Booklets/Forms

Professional Employee Sick Leave Bank Booklet

Classified Employee Sick Leave Bank Booklet

Sick Leave Bank Grant Request



Carroll County Public Schools employees working 500 hours or more per year are required to participate in one of the Maryland State Retirement & Pension System defined benefit pension plans – employees’ or teachers’ plan.  The plan in which you are enrolled is determined by the position you hold with CCPS.

Information on the pension plan can be obtained at  Employees entering the pension system prior to July 1, 2011 are enrolled in the Employees’ or Teachers’ Alternate Contributory Pension Plan.  Employees entering the pension system July 1, 2011 or later are enrolled in the Employees’ or Teachers’ Reformed Contributory Pension Plan.  Benefit handbooks are available on the public website for the retirement system along with information on seminars, webinars, and forms.

Access to your specific account information, including the annual statement of benefits, can be obtained by creating an account on the retirement system once enrolled.  On the website, click on “mySRPS Login” to create an account.  Annual statements as of June 30 are available in September.  You can also request estimates, obtain a verification of the current value of your account, review and modify beneficiary information, and obtain the earliest possible date of retirement for both normal service and early retirement.

Employees seeking retirement must have a retirement conference with a certified CCPS retirement coordinator.  Kelly Keith and Stephanie Rauen are the retirement coordinators for CCPS in the Department of Human Resources.  To help you prepare for retirement, you can access the CCPS Pre-Retirement Seminar on the Videos on Demand of the CCPS website by clicking on the link below.  Additional information for retirees includes:



Carroll County Public Schools offers a variety of insurance benefits for its employees working more than 20 hours per week (except where excluded per the master agreement).  These benefits include:

Medical/Prescription Drug


Flexible Spending Accounts

Basic Life Insurance (CCPS Paid)

Supplemental Life Insurance

Long Term Disability


Benefit Guides/Costs

Active Employee Flexible Benefit Guide

Active Employee Benefit Costs - 2021

Retiree Benefit Guide

Retiree Benefit Costs – 2021 (PPO/POS/Medicare)

Retiree Benefit Costs – 2021 (High Deductible PPO)


Benefit Forms

Aetna Medical Claim Form

Aetna Mail Order Claim Form

CIGNA Dental Claim Form

United Healthcare Vision Out-of-Network Claim Form


Medical/Prescription Drug

All benefit eligible employees are offered the Aetna Managed Choice® Point-of- Service Plan.  This plan offers two levels of coverage - preferred and non-preferred.  The benefit level of coverage is based on whether care is provided in the network by your primary care physician or with a referral for specialty care (preferred care) or out of the network (non-preferred care).  The plan includes prescription drug coverage through Express Scripts. 

All employees except those represented by the Carroll County Education Association (CCEA – teachers, school counselors, therapists, RN’s) are also offered the Aetna Health Fund® PPO Plan with health savings account.  This plan combines the use of a health savings account along with a high deductible health plan to offer tax advantages and savings for future health care expenses.

Medical Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Aetna Managed Choice® Point-of-Service Plan

Aetna Health Fund® PPO Plan

Aetna PPO Plan (grandfathered group of employees only)



CCPS offers a PPO dental plan through CIGNA. While it is advantageous to use a PPO dentist, the same reimbursement levels are offered for out-of-network providers.

Dental Plan Booklets

CIGNA Traditional Dental Plan


Employees are offered a separate vision plan through UnitedHealthcare Vision.  This voluntary vision plan offers benefits every 12 months.  Additionally, if employees are enrolled in the medical plan, as Aetna members, a discount program is available for additional exams, glasses, contacts, etc. (see above).   Certain employees who were not enrolled in the medical plan as of July 1, 2010 but were enrolled in the previous vision plan have been grandfathered into a Basic Vision Plan offered through UnitedHealth Care Vision.

Vision Plan Benefit Summaries

Voluntary Vision Plan

Basic Vision Plan (Grandfathered Plan)


Flexible Spending Accounts

These accounts offer employees a way to pay for health care or day care expenses using pre-tax dollars. This benefit is administered by Flexible Benefits Administrators (FBA) and offers a debit card to conveniently access the money in the accounts.


 Life Insurance

CCPS provides each benefit eligible employee 1.5 times their salary in life insurance (rounded to the next $1,000) at no cost.  Employees are eligible to purchase supplemental life insurance in $20,000 increments between $20,000 and $100,000. If employee supplemental life is purchased, the employee may purchase supplemental life for their spouse (up to ½ of the employee’s amount in increments of $10,000 between $10,000 and $50,000) and for their eligible child(ren) for $5,000 per child.  Coverage is underwritten by CIGNA.

Life Insurance Certificates

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance - Cabinet Employees

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance – All Other Employees


Long Term Disability

Coverage is offered to benefit eligible employees with the cost fully paid by employees.  Employees represented by the Administrators and Supervisors bargaining group (A&S), as well as Administrative Technical Support Personnel and executive leadership team employees are provided this benefit at no cost.  The benefit provides 60% of the pre-disability gross income if an employee becomes disabled beyond 90 calendar days. 

Long Term Disability Insurance Certificates

Long Term Disability Certificate – A&S, ATSP & Cabinet Employees

Long Term Disability Certificate – AFSCME Employees

Long Term Disability Certificate – All Other Employees




The Board of Education of Carroll County does not engage in discrimination that is unlawful or contrary to Maryland State Department of Education guidance on the basis of age, color, genetic information, marital status, mental or physical disability, ancestry or national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

The Board of Education of Carroll County is firmly committed to creating equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons by providing an environment that supports optimal academic achievement and productive work and is free from any form of unlawful discrimination, including access to school facilities, educational programs, and extracurricular activities.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:  Director of Human Resources, 125 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157, (410) 751-3070.