This section discusses the other responsibilities of the Purchasing Office: Accountability of Fixed Assets Inventory and Disposal of Surplus Items.

Accountability and Fixed Assets Inventory

New capital assets are added to fixed assets through the generation of a purchase order based on coding and a commodity code.  Patty Oliver adds items to fixed assets once paid, and then maintains and monitors inventory reports to make certain that schools and cost centers are current with their inventories.  Determination of items that are considered "sensitve" and must also be added to a cost center's fixed assets account is done by Jessica Schindler in Finance.

Disposal of Surplus Items

The Purchasing Office is responsible for the sale and proper disposal of all equipment and material that is surplus to the needs of the CCPS system. Procedures have been established regarding issuing quotes for the sale of, auctions, salvage yards, dump, landfill, and donations to other non-profit organization. This function is handled by Cindy Reilly in the Purchasing Office.