Overview: School Funds consist of funds derived from extracurricular student activities, such as entertainment, athletic contests, club dues, school stores, and from any and all activities of the schools involving school personnel, students or property. School Funds should be used to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all students and to finance the normal, legitimate, co-curricular activities of the various individual student groups.

Proper management of School Funds is an enormous responsibility and needs to be treated as such. The Finance Department continues to appreciate the efforts made by the School Administrators and the Financial Secretaries as they complete the important task of recording and managing School Fund transactions.


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Guidelines for School Funds - New Format

Class Advisors and Officers Resources - New
Financial Manual
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Fundraising Request Form - Fillable
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Setting Up An Alumni Account
Procedure Manual for School Funds
Financial Basics for New Users - Navigating FinancePlus/Budget Codes
Financial Information Center (FIC)
School-Based Records Retention Policy
Sales and Use Tax Manual for Schools
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Fillable Bank Reconciliation Form
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