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The overall objective of the Maintenance Department is to maintain, throughout its expected useful life, the interior and exterior of school buildings, the grounds, and the roadways, and all fixed and moveable equipment through preventive maintenance and repairs.

Further, this objective is specifically intended to provide:

  1. Buildings and their components that function safely and at top efficiency.
  2. Facilities and equipment that minimize the possibility of fires, accidents, and safety hazards.
  3. Continuous use of facilities without disruptions to the educational program.
  4. Protection of public property through proper planning, scheduling, and preventive maintenance.
  5. Quality management of maintenance projects and tasks.
  6. Conservation of energy through utilization of the latest technology and energy conservation measures.
  7. A quality maintenance program through effective management and efficient utilization of resources.

The Maintenance Department has the prime responsibility for building/equipment maintenance based on specific areas of responsibilities. It should be noted that there are some maintenance areas in which contracted services supplement or have major responsibilities for building and/or equipment maintenance. In those cases where contracted services have traditionally been utilized, such services have proven to be cost effective.

In summary, all of the aforementioned factors have a direct impact on establishing a cost-effective plant maintenance program that meets the requirements of today's educational environment.

"We're Maintenance - We can handle it."

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The Plant Maintenance Procedure Manual was developed to outline the Plant Maintenance Department's procedures and processes.

The Comprehensive Maintenance Plan was established to help identify, improve, and develop the facilities maintenance program of the Carroll County School System.