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Grade 5

The chronological sequence of the fifth grade Social Studies Program briefly reviews historical events of the fourth grade curriculum and then develops a historical perspective of the Revolutionary War period and the creation of a new government.  During students' study of this historical period, they will develop skills and understanding in geography, economics, government, and the people of the nation and the world.

The units of study are designed to accommodate the varying needs of the fifth grade learner through the use of student-centered activities.  Students are given opportunities to investigate the problems and events of the past using a variety of sources including textbooks and the Internet.  The program provides many small group activities, hands-on projects, and research opportunities to help each child meet his/her individual needs.

Units and Indicators


Taking your child to visit local historical sites will increase their knowledge of the historical events they study in class (Fort Meade, Annapolis, Saint Mary's City, Mt. Vernon, etc...)