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Grade 4

The fourth-grade social studies curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become informed and responsible citizens. During the fourth-grade social studies experience, students will expand their understanding of geography, economics, government, and history.

While exploring the content of United States History, students will learn how to evaluate sources of information and craft arguments based on evidence. The curriculum is designed to ensure that English language arts reading, writing, and speaking and listening standards are integrated into the social studies instruction.

The CCPS fourth grade Social Studies Program integrates Maryland events and historical figures into an overview of the history of the United States. Students in fourth grade begin the year by examining how geography and history helps us to understand the world. Next, students will explore pre-Columbian North America and African civilizations. An investigation of colonial regions of North American is followed with a unit on enslavement in Colonial North America. Fourth grade concludes with a study of the American Revolution.

The units of study are designed to accommodate the varying needs of the fourth-grade learner through the use of student-centered activities. Students are given opportunities to investigate the problems and events of the past using a variety of sources including primary historical sources, textbooks, and the Internet. The program provides many small group activities, hands-on projects, and research opportunities to help each child meet their individual needs.

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