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Grade 4

In the fourth grade Social Studies Program, students will begin an in-depth study of the historical period in the United States history starting with Native Americans, exploration, colonization, the impact of slavery, and life in the early 1700s.  Students relate information about early American life to early life in Maryland, before studying present day Maryland.  Students also participate in a unit to increase general Geography competencies.

The units of study are designed to accommodate the varying needs of the fourth grade learner through the use of student-centered activities.  Students are given opportunities to investigate the problems and events of the past  and present using a variety of sources including textbooks and the Internet.

The program provides many small group activities, hands-on projects, and research opportunities to help each child meet his/her individual needs.

Units and Indicators


  • Use maps to show places where your family has traveled.
  • Plan a trip together to a historical point of interest.  Use travel brochures to plan what to see, estimate mileage and time by using the key, determine the best route to take.
  • Have your child keep a journal/scrapbook of the trip.
  • Share current events.