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Grade 3

​The third grade Social Studies curriculum emphasizes human interaction with the natural environment and the ensuing interdependence of people locally, nationally, and globally.  This geographic focus upon Carroll County, the natural regions of the United States, and Economics also integrates concepts and principles of the history, citizenship, economics, global, multicultural, humanities, values, and attitude strands of social studies.

The third grade student's broadened awareness of people, places, and events fosters development of democratic values and attitudes through the study of why and how different cultures interact with the environment, and the necessary interdependence of all people to satisfy basic human wants and needs.

Units and Indicators


Discuss how each family member has a responsibility to do a chore and how the family depends on that person.  Ask what would happen if that family member did not do his/her part.

Plan family outings to new places and use an atlas to locate where the place can be found.  Ask you child be the navigator and follow the route on the road map.

Talk about how many miles/hours it will take to reach the destination.  Discuss which places you will visit, the weather, historical value, resources, and jobs in each area.

After a family outing, encourage your child to write about the experience in a journal or create captions to be included in the family photo album.

Discuss current events (presidential election, building a new school, earthquakes, floods).  Use the newspaper to broaden awareness of people, places, and events.