Each year the Maryland State Legislature invites high school students throughout the state to serve as pages on the floor of the House of Delegates and Senate. Carroll County is eligible to select four representatives and one alternate. Seniors from all seven public high schools and non-public high schools in Carroll County were eligible to apply for the honor of serving as a student page.

This year the students representing Carroll County are:

  • Robyn Anzulis – South Carroll High School
  • Allison Bell – Manchester Valley High School
  • Nicholas Lindsay – South Carroll High School
  • Benjamin Decker – Manchester Valley High School
  • Charlotte Crook – South Carroll High School (alternate)

The program enables high school seniors, selected by a local committee, to work as legislative pages for two non-consecutive weeks during the regular session of the legislature. It is designed to interest youth in state government, particularly in the proceedings of the Maryland legislature. Also, the page program is expected to increase participation in government and foster leadership among youth as well as to provide students with worthwhile experiences in state government. During their assignment, the pages selected for 2018 will maintain the bill books of individual delegates and senators, run errands, distribute literature, and provide general assistance to the legislators.



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