On November 9, 2017, the Carroll County Student Government Association (CCSGA) presented a check for $7,500 to the American Red Cross.  CCSGA felt a strong need to do something for those suffering from the recent natural disasters, so during their summer retreat, they decided to take action.  Working off of one of their key pillars, community outreach and helping those in need, CCSGA decided to organize a county-wide wide fundraiser.  CCSGA asked schools to participate in various fundraisers to be held throughout the month of September.  Over half of the schools in CCPS responded, and the outpouring of funds started to come in. 

CCSGA was thrilled that so many students from across the county were willing to donate funds to such a cause.  It was with great pleasure that CCSGA presented this check, on behalf of all the students in Carroll County Public Schools, to the American Red Cross to be used to help those still suffering from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Presenting the check to James Francavilla, Regional Chief Financial Officer for the Western Region of the American Red Cross are CCSGA officers (pictured left to right), Max Lawyer, Vice-President; Grace Johnson, Secretary; Jaimie Han, 2nd Vice-President; Mathew Johnson, Student Representative on the Board of Education; and Evan Warren, Student Representative-elect on the Board of Education.



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