Landon Benner, a seventh grade student at Northwest Middle School, has been using his 3D printer to make ear savers for face coverings/masks. He has made approximately 300 of the ear savers and donated them to nurses at Johns Hopkins and Chambersburg Hospital. In addition, a local bank requested that he make them for its employees.

Last spring when schools were closed, Landon’s grandmother, a doctor, and his aunt, a nurse, were discussing the tightness of masks and how they were giving them blisters around their ears.  Landon started making the ear savers using his 3D printer and a tinker pad to design the product.  Taking into consideration that all head sizes are not the same, he made them adjustable.  He created Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman, Celtic Knots, Superman, Hearts, and Heart Paw logos on the back of the ear savers in multiple colors. He continues to use his own money to buy the filament and make ear savers for donation.  Landon was Northwest’s Carson Scholar recipient and mentioned the project in his application letter. 




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