Linton Springs and Runnymede Elementary Schools have been designated as 2019-2020 Maryland Green Schools by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE). Sandymount Elementary School was recertified for achieving “sustainable” Green School status for participation in the program for 14 years.

The Green School Program award represents a school-wide commitment to environmental literacy that includes staff, students, and the community. Maryland Green Schools are part of a national and international community working to create a more sustainable future. In 2019-2020, Maryland Green Schools achieved remarkable environmental accomplishments by conserving water, reducing energy use, and recycling materials. They also created natural habitats, planted native plants, and cleaned streambanks to protect the state’s water quality.

Maryland Green Schools, in 2019-20, achieved remarkable environmental accomplishments. They saved 648,415 gallons of water; reduced energy use by 2,157,757 kwh; recycled 1,729,076 pounds of material, preventing waste from going to a landfill; created 25,961 square feet of natural habitat; planted 3,203 native plants, including shrubs and trees; and cleaned 86,197 square feet of streambanks to protect the State’s water quality.

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