Students making and displaying masks

Cathy Harris, Textiles and Fashion Careers instructor, and Karen Sullivan, Academy of Health Professions instructor, at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center, along with their students, have made impactful strides using team effort in doing their part to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Textiles and Fashion Careers Team has focused its efforts on engineering pleated facemasks requested by specific healthcare facilities and medical scrub caps. The Academy of Health Professions has concentrated its efforts on production of facemasks with side pockets for ribbon ties and cutting needed shapes. They have completed and delivered 138 pleated facemasks, 300 facemasks with side ribbon pockets, and 80 medical scrub caps to Carroll Hospital Center, Access Carroll, Mt. Airy Net, and Holy Cross Hospital in Germantown.

The natural course for this interdepartmental partnership for products generated the idea that engineering them would be done remotely by students and instructors. Students and parents picked up supplies through a drive-thru style procedure employed by the instructors. Approximately ten students from the National Honor Society at Liberty High School also joined in the project.

According to Academy of Health Professions instructor Karen Sullivan, “It is very satisfying to see the health care workers in the finished products and hear the feedback they have given us.”

Textiles and Fashion Careers instructor Cathy Harris said, “I am extremely proud of the apprentice designers in my department. We have just demonstrated an outsourcing supply chain as a team and the results are astounding. This benefits the healthcare receivers and each participant as learning radiated from the humanitarian endeavor.”




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