Carroll County Public Schools is seeking individuals who may be interested in becoming school bus drivers. This rewarding career opportunity may allow drivers to work within close proximity to their residence. Drivers have the same school holidays as their student(s), and they may have an opportunity to transport their own children and save on the cost of daycare. Those who like to be around children/students and believe they can be positive role models may want to consider driving a yellow school bus for the school system. 

School bus drivers are the first and last people representing the school system who interact with students every school day.  Driving a school bus requires a commercial driver’s license and approximately 25 to 30 hours of paid training on average. The CCPS Transportation Services Department’s driver instructors will help prospective drivers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a successful school bus driver. 

CCPS encourages interested individuals with a clean driving record and no prior criminal record to consider contacting the Transportation Services Department at 410-751-3229.




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