Students in the Agriculture Mechanics class at Winters Mill High School created small pet beds as an extension project following the woodworking unit of the class. One of the pet beds found a welcoming home at the Carroll County Humane Society cat room. The shiny red bed, equipped with a fluffy black and white blanket, was donated to the Humane Society for use at their shelter. Upon arrival at the cat room, several inquisitive cats promptly inspected the new accommodation, which seemed to meet their approval.

Students in the Agriculture Mechanics class begin woodworking by creating a push stick using only hand tools. Many students begin this class with no prior technology skills, and this project generates an appreciation for woodworking skills and tools. Following the hand tool project, the skill level and use of power tools increases with each project the student completes. The final project is a test of skill by copying a purchased picnic bench without written direction. Students must measure the original item, plan the cutting and assembly of their project, and create a bench identical to the purchased bench on display. Following this test of skills, students may create a small pet bed as an extension project.

Agriculture instructor Diane Safar reports that several beds are created each year at Winters Mill and students look forward to donating more beds in their future.





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