If your child is injured playing sports, has a tooth pulled, or has other pain issues, the doctor, dentist, or other health care provider may prescribe an opioid to relieve pain.  Even when opioids are used as prescribed, they can lead to a substance use disorder.  Before an opioid is prescribed, ask a doctor about non-opioid medications.

Seven billboards with the message “You Decide Before They Prescribe” “Prescription Pain Medication Can Be Addictive & Dangerous” have been placed in close proximity to high schools to raise awareness of the cautions that should be used with teens taking prescription pain medication.

The billboards were paid for with funds from a Heroin and Opioid Policy Development Grant that was given to Carroll County Public Schools.

For more information about Opioids and additional resources visit the Department of Health weblink/website at https://cchd.maryland.gov/opioidinfo/.





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