Three educators from Carroll County Public Schools have received awards from the Maryland Agriculture Teachers Association. The Maryland winners for 2018 are now nominated for the national level awards.

Angie McCauslin, Supervisor of Career and Technology Education
Advocate Award

This award recognizes an individual for his or her outstanding contributions to agricultural education through any of the following: legislative action; local school, county-wide and state-wide support; and youth activities.

McCauslin supports agriculture education and works to advocate for the agriculture program in Carroll County.  She supports the programs financially by funding field trips and substitutes for various activities. She is eager to help provide materials that students need to learn career and technology skills and is quick to answer and address concerns. McCauslin spends many hours writing grants to support the agriculture teachers in their efforts to improve their programs and provide the professional development and certifications needed to teach agriculture.

McCauslin has supported educators by providing relevant professional development workshops and supports activities that advocate for the agriculture completer programs. She has been proactive in helping teachers grow interest in agriculture education in Carroll County. She supported the county agriculture teachers in creating a program that would promote agriculture classes in the middle schools, and several programs increased their program numbers following this promotion.

Bridget Nicholson, Agriscience Teacher, Manchester Valley High School
Teacher Mentor Award

The Teacher Mentor Award recognizes experienced teachers who serve as mentors to beginning teachers. Nicholson has been mentoring Shelby Althoff at Francis Scott Key High School. She has provided Althoff with curriculum and guidance on how to adapt that curriculum for use in her classroom. They worked to set up the classroom and lab areas to make the transition from classroom to lab more seamless. In addition, Nicholson has helped Althoff develop a positive working relationship with her alumni.  She has also assisted her with FFA events, helping her to make deadlines and submit complete registrations, and to prepare for FFA career development events.

Diane Safar, Agriscience Teacher, Winters Mill High School
Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award, Ag Mechanics Professional Award, Teacher of Teachers Award, 20 Years of Service Award

The Outstanding Teacher award recognizes teachers who are conducting the highest quality agriculture education programs, as well as leadership in civic, community, agriculture, and professional activities. Safar has been teaching agriculture for 20 years and planned, set up, and opened the agriculture program at Winters Mill High School. She has been successful in implementing the CASE curriculum, has a successful FFA and FFA Affiliate program, and has held many leadership roles within the school and with professional organizations. She has served at the state level with the Maryland Agriculture Teachers Association Board of Directors for 7 years and serves on the Maryland FFA Board of Directors, her local FFA Alumni Affiliate, and in many school leadership roles.

Safar also received the Ag Mechanics Professional Award, which recognizes agriscience teachers for outstanding accomplishments within their area of expertise. Safar’s 1-credit Ag Mechanics course at Winters Mill covers a variety of Ag Mechanic topics and skills.  The class spends one quarter of the semester learning woodworking skills that increase in skill level as they advance.  During the second quarter, students learn basic electric, plumbing, welding, cold metal skills, masonry, and engines. These skills also benefit the students as they compete in the FFA Ag Mechanics career development event.

In addition, Safar received the Teacher of Teachers award for having a former student become an agriscience teacher. Shelby Althoff, a graduate of Winters Mill High School, is now an agriscience teacher at Francis Scott Key High School. She also was presented with an award for 20 years of service.




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