The following students from Carroll County Public Schools have achieved their Geospatial Technician Certification through the Digital Quest STARS Program:

  • Edward Devan III – Liberty High School
  • Benjamin Johnson – Manchester Valley High School
  • Joshua Slaughter – Westminster High School
  • Connor Taylor – Westminster High School
  • Matthew Wieprecht – Francis Scott Key High School.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology has been described as the science of location.  GIS integrates many types of data within a geographic component. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. GIS is the underlying processes that allow online and mobile users to access map information to locations.

In the Geographic Information Systems Technology program, students learn about the history of mapping, projections, coordinate systems, scale, multispectral satellite and air imagery, and various other concepts that are essential to being effective in Geospatial and Remote Sensing analysis.

Additionally, students in the program learn applications of ArcGIS software and its extensions, including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, and Image Analysis.

Each student needs to complete a 20-page research project and a formal presentation and also achieve a 70% or higher on the written Spatial Technology and Remote Sensing (STARS) exam to become STARS certified. Upon completion, this project is submitted to the STARS Certification Committee for review.





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