Artwork by Jessica Mosholder, a ninth grade student at Century High School, is featured in the 2015-2016 Economic and Personal Finance Concepts Calendar published by the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE). Her drawing, which she created as an eighth grader at Sykesville Middle School, is highlighted for the month of November. It illustrates the concept of sources of income by showing ways that students can earn money.
MCEE holds an annual poster contest for Maryland students in grades 1 through 8. The contest was developed to help teachers stimulate interest in learning basic economic and personal finance concepts. Students have an opportunity to creatively demonstrate their understanding of one of the following economic concepts: scarcity, productive resources, producers and consumers, philanthropy, markets, opportunity cost, goods and services, sources of income, taxes, and saving and investing. The 17 winning posters, as well as the winners’ birthdays, appear in the calendar.


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