Based on community input, in 2012-2013 the Board of Education revised governing documents to abandon its vision and mission statement in favor of a Core Statement, Core Values, and Core Beliefs to support their Goals Statements. At the same time that the Core Statement was revised, a student logo contest was conducted to align the logo with the new Core Statement.

With these revisions completed, and the new Core Statement, Values, and Beliefs set for the future of Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS), the Superintendent began a process to establish an organizational plan, aligned with these new governance ideals, to define priorities and guide the operations of the system for the next five years. This organizational plan was designed to sit between the Board's governance Goals, Values, and Beliefs and the detailed operational focus of the CCPS Bridge to Excellence Master Plan. The plan was to prioritize key school system initiatives for the next five years and to develop the organizational framework in which those initiatives will be achieved and measured. The organizational plan presented herein is titled Vision 2018: Five-Year Strategic Initiatives.

Vision 2018 Leaflet 

Vision 2018 Plan

Vision 2018 Presentation

School System Presentation: CCPS Achievements and Challenges