Carroll County Public Schools
Race to the Top Application
Carroll County Public Schools is cooperating with the Maryland State Department of Education to usher in Maryland’s third wave of educational reform. Carroll County has agreed to align its reform efforts to Maryland’s five-pronged strategy that will provide the appropriate challenges and supports to students, educators, and administrators to bring Maryland’s education system to world-class status. Maryland’s five-pronged strategy includes the following goals:
  • Ensure that all students are fully prepared for college and career in the 21st Century;
  • Build a state-wide technology infrastructure that links all data elements with analytic and instructional tools to promote student achievement;
  • Develop and support great teachers and great leaders;
  • Turn around low-achieving schools; and
  • Develop curriculum and resources in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to address the Common Core State Standards.
Race to the Top
The State of Maryland applied for and was awarded a competitive Race to the Top grant from the federal government to help fund its third wave of educational reform. Carroll County Public Schools is due to receive $520,521 over the next four years to help implement various reforms efforts. In order to receive the grant funds, our school system is required to complete a scope of work plan that is aligned with Maryland’s Race to the Top application. A sixteen-member steering committee was convened to develop our scope of work plan. What follows is an accounting of how Carroll County Public Schools will spend its $520,521 Race to the Top funds over the next four years.
CCPS Scope of Work Plan
Curriculum alignment/gap analysis to the Common Core Standards $81,135
Curriculum and assessment development $40,568
Educator Instructional Improvement Academy substitutes $55,227
Elementary Mathematics Summer Institutes  $48,536
Development of new teacher and principal evaluation system  $19,870
Planning systems for the equitable distribution of teachers and principals $6,136
Computer devices to support online instruction, assessment, and training $269,049
Total $520,521