How large is the Carroll County Public School System?

Today, approximately 25,300 students attend Carroll County Public Schools, ranking us as the ninth largest school system in the state of Maryland. Approximately 3,300 people are employed by the school system to provide the necessary programs and supporting services for students. The system is made up of twenty-two elementary schools, eight middle schools, seven high schools, one career and technology center, one special education center, and Gateway School/Crossroads Middle, which house alternative programs for students.

How is the school system's Board of Education organized?

The Board of Education of Carroll County is comprised of five members who are elected for terms of four years and a student representative who is elected once a year by the Carroll County Student Government Association. The County Commissioners serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Board. The Superintendent serves as the Board's Executive Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.

How do Carroll County students perform on state and standardized tests?

Carroll County students score well above state and national averages.
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How is pupil progress reported?

Pupil progress is formally reported to parents four times a year. In addition, teachers communicate with parents by means of interim reports, conferences, letters, e-mail, and telephone calls.

How can I receive school news via e-mail?

The Carroll County Public School System is now using SchoolMessenger to provide parents with information from their child’s school and the school system. SchoolMessenger is capable of delivering both e-mail and phone alerts at no charge to parents. Among the enhanced capabilities of SchoolMessenger is a feature that allows the schools to send phone alerts to parents. Phone alerts are limited to high priority and emergency messages such as closings or delays due to inclement weather or emergencies, attendance calls, cancellation of school activities, and interim report and report card reminders. Parents may also opt-in to receive text messages. Other information, including school newsletters, announcements of upcoming events and activities, parent group updates, and information from the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools, is sent via e-mail. Parents and guardians do not need to subscribe to this communication system. All contact information is taken from the student information system, which is based on the information provided on the emergency procedure cards. This provides schools with the flexibility to target newsletters and other communications to parents of students by grade, homeroom teacher, bus number, and other criteria.

Is transportation available to students?

Transportation is provided for all elementary students and for middle and high school pupils who live more than a mile from school. Exceptions are made only in cases where walking conditions are hazardous. Bus stops are limited to four per mile unless unusual circumstances exist.

How does the school system's school lunch program work?

Nutrition is an integral part of a student's health and well-being and helps make them more responsive to classroom instruction and school activities. All students are eligible for balanced, nutritional meals during the school day. Application forms and guidelines are available for students who may qualify for free and reduced price meals. Menus and prices are distributed or posted in each school and are available on the CCPS website at

How do I address a concern?

A child's teacher should be addressed on matters concerning progress, what is being taught, or any other matter related to the classroom operation. The teacher can be reached through phone, or e-mail, or by sending a note to arrange a conference. The principal of the school should be addressed on matters of school-wide operation or policy, general school information, or help with a problem. Directors and Assistant Superintendents should be contacted on matters that cannot be resolved by the principal. The Superintendent of Schools is responsible to the Board of Education for the administration of the school system. The Superintendent can be contacted at the Board of Education offices or by email to Steven.Lockard@carrollk12.orgThe Board of Education members are elected by the citizens of Carroll County and can also be reached through the Board of Education offices or by visiting the Board Members page on our website.

How can a child be registered for school?

Only the natural parent or legal guardian may register a child for school. In order to register, you are required to present the following items before your child may be enrolled: a legal proof of age, proof of legal residence in Carroll County, and a complete immunization record showing that the child has had the proper immunizations as required by law. Maryland law also requires that all first-time enterers have a physical examination no sooner than nine months before or no later than six months after entrance into school. Questions regarding these requirements can be directed to a counselor or the principal of the school in which you plan to enroll your child, or the Pupil Personnel Worker assigned to your school.

How does CCPS respond when inclement weather occurs?

Transportation officials consult with weather forecasters, the State Police, highway departments and other sources in each section of the county to determine road conditions. With the safety of our students as the top priority, the Superintendent makes the final decision based on recommendations from the Director of Transportation Services. The public will be notified through radio and TV stations, in addition to the CCPS website and Carroll Educational Television - Channel 21. SchoolMessenger phone calls, emails and texts (for those who opt-in to receive texts) will be sent to parents. Announcements will be made, if possible, no later than 6:00 a.m.

Are visitors permitted in the schools?

Parents and the general public are encouraged to visit schools to meet administrators and staff, to view the facilities, to gain knowledge of the instructional program, and to share personal ideas. Visitors should arrange their visit in advance to ensure that the time is appropriate and does not interfere with planned activities. All visitors should report to the school office on arrival at the school.

How is my child expected to dress?

Students are required to groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean, appropriate, decent, and not disruptive to the educational process. Students are expected to abide by a dress code upon arrival to the school building through the defined ending of the school day. The requirements may be accessed through the informational calendar.