​The Carroll County Public School System uses SchoolMessenger to provide parents with information from their child’s school and the school system. This service enhances the ability of the schools to communicate with parents and members of the school community. It delivers both e-mail and phone alerts at no charge to parents. Parents may also opt in to receive text messages.

There is no need to sign up for this service. All information is taken from the emergency procedure cards. Parents/guardians are automatically enrolled in the system. If at any time you need to update your contact information, please call your child’s school office.

Messages and announcements sent through SchoolMessenger may include: 

  • closings due to inclement weather or other emergencies
  • information from the Superintendent and Board of Education
  • school newsletters
  • attendance calls
  • report card reminders
  • parent organization updates
  • notices of upcoming events
  • cancellation notices
  • calendar reminders.

​SchoolMessenger Links for Parents:

SchoolMessenger Guardian Guide

Sign Up for Text Notifications