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Class Size Report

This chart reflects the number of students in each class if the class size is over 15. The chart will be updated Every Wednesday to reflect changes.

Estimated Transportation Ridership:  4 Day/ Week Instructional Model

Please note that the student bus ridership numbers have been obtained from the latest student counts collected as of the week of March 15 for elementary schools and March 22 for middle and high schools.  Most regular education buses have a seating capacity rating for 64 student passengers.  In accordance with COVID social distancing protocols, the seat behind the driver will be left vacant and siblings and students from the same household should be seated on the same seat.  Student ridership numbers would equate to the following number of students/ seat:  1-21 students = 1 student/ seat; 22-42 students = maximum of 2 students per seat; 43+ = some students seated 3 to a seat. 

Parents are advised that bus ridership changes on a daily basis.  The estimated ridership numbers should only be considered as a guideline and not totally reliable for what your student may experience.  As always, parents may choose to transport their own child(ren) if they prefer. 




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