CCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan
Revised September 2020
CCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan - Draft (7/15/20)
Presentation - Reopening and Recovery Plan (7/15/20)

CCPS Reopening FAQs

Questions and Answers: Guidelines for Students Returning to School during the Hybrid Setting

Hybrid Opening Update
Posted September 24, 2020

At the September 23rd Board of Education meeting, with ongoing input from the county health department, the Board continued its plans to move forward with a hybrid model of instruction effective Monday, October 19, 2020.  The approved hybrid plan allows for students to return to in-person instruction two days a week in established cohorts. As a requirement of our plans, students will also continue to receive virtual instruction on days when they are not in school or if students choose to remain in an all-virtual format instead of participating in the hybrid cohorts. 

More information on the hybrid model and assigned cohorts will be communicated in the coming days from your child's school.  Families will continue to have an option to participate in the hybrid or all virtual plans. Please click here if you wish to view the CCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan.

We recognize the incredible importance of all the safety protocols that must be in place to best ensure the safety of our students, staff, and the broader Carroll community.  Our plans have been reviewed and approved by our local Board of Education, as well as approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.  We are also in constant contact with our local health department in monitoring and considering all local health conditions and all the necessary safety protocols to support our plans.  

It is important to note as result of the current complexities surrounding COVID-19 and related health concerns, we anticipate that there may be disruptions to learning as a result.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we continually work through these challenges as they arise.  You can expect continued communication from your child's school and/or the system throughout.

Finally, we would like to thank our teachers, administrators, and staff for their incredible work in rising to and meeting the obstacles that are a part of delivering our virtual learning and all the associated challenges that have been a part of this unprecedented time in education.

We thank you in advance for your flexibility as we continue to work together to support our students.  


Update on the Return to School
Posted August 28, 2020

At the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the Board established October 19, 2020, as the potential date for Carroll County Public Schools to move from enhanced full virtual instruction for students to the approved hybrid model. As you are aware, school is beginning for students on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, using the enhanced full virtual model.

The approved hybrid model brings students back in 2 days per week in a staggered fashion to meet the requirements of Maryland’s stage two for recovery. The ultimate decision on moving to the hybrid model will be based on the Board’s monitoring of key public health metrics and leading indicators in consultation with the Carroll County Health Department.  These metrics and leading indicators include the following:

  • the weekly rate of COVID-19 community cases per 100,000
  • the State of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University positivity rates
  • the weekly rate for community COVID-19 deaths, and the number of occupied ICU beds at Carroll Hospital Center. 

​​​​​​​At Governor Hogan’s press conference yesterday with the State Superintendent of Schools and the Acting Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services at the Maryland Department of Health, discussion took place regarding metrics and the process for gradually reopening Maryland public schools.  We are pleased to share that our CCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan, as well as the Board’s action from their August 26 meeting, is very much aligned with the information shared at the press conference.

We feel that it is important to alert you to this information so that you may anticipate the possible move to the hybrid model and plan accordingly for your family.  As a reminder, families may continue to have their students participate all virtually. We will notify you when the move to the hybrid model is formally determined. In addition, during the coming days and weeks as we move forward, you will be receiving important informational updates regarding the hybrid model from your child’s school.

We have every confidence in our teachers, administrators, support staff, and central office personnel to be responsive to the needs of our CCPS students and families. Our teachers have been working extremely hard to be prepared to deliver instruction, learn additional skills, and absorb a multitude of information in preparation for the first day of school and beyond.

As a school community, we are attempting something we have never experienced before, but our educators have made amazing progress designing virtual classrooms, learning new technology, and adapting to all aspects of this new way of learning. We ask for your continued patience and flexibility as we begin this new school year.

By working together, we can look forward to the time when our students and staff will return to our schools. Thank you for your understanding and support.

CCPS Reopening Plans for the Fall
Posted July 30, 2020

At last night’s Board of Education meeting, the Board decided that Carroll County Public Schools will open for the 2020-2021 school year on Tuesday, September 8, using the Enhanced Virtual Learning Model for instruction. After months of planning, gathering input and feedback from a wide variety of community stakeholders, and the input and guidance of our state and local health department, this action is being taken as Carroll County, our state, and our country continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school system will continuously work to reach a hybrid model as conditions allow. Unless the state reverts to Stage I, a full review and revisit of this decision will take place no later than the October 14th Board meeting. 

The school system will continue to find opportunities to bring in small groups of special education students for in-person instruction, whose parents wish for them to attend, and as we are able.  In addition, we will work to provide in-person learning opportunities for Career and Technology Center students. This is another program where in-person learning is especially critical, and where successful mastery, earned credentials, and certifications are dependent upon actual hands-on learning opportunities.  

This incremental approach of opening virtually for all, but focusing on a few small groups, can allow us to implement and evaluate our processes for in-person instruction as safely as possible.  It can further inform and support our efforts of expanding small groups and lead us to our overall goal of returning as many students as we are safely able to our classrooms and schools. We will continue to safely work through the various logistical details that we know are so important, while also staying in close collaboration with our health department and keeping an eye on local conditions.

During last year’s school closure, CCPS collected feedback regarding virtual learning from students, parents, and educators and has worked to improve the virtual learning experience we will be offering students this fall.  In the CCPS Enhanced Virtual Learning Model, students access learning online instead of face-to-face in a school building. They will engage in a combination of real-time virtual instruction, instruction on an individual schedule, and completion of assigned tasks. In addition to regularly scheduled virtual instruction, blocks of student support time will be made available for students and teachers to meet virtually.

The Enhanced Virtual Learning Model differs from the Continuity of Learning format in effect last spring when grades were either Pass or Incomplete. In the 2020-21 school year, CCPS expects rigorous coursework with our standard grading system.

Additional improvements to this model of instruction for the fall include:

  • Increased live virtual interactions between students and educators
  • A single digital platform for students and parents to access instruction, communication, and feedback
  • Robust professional learning opportunities for educators to increase their skill set for teaching in a virtual environment, which includes on-demand professional learning videos and courses for educators
  • Ongoing communication and support for students and families in a distance learning environment
  • Continued efforts to ensure every child can connect digitally.

Anything short of returning to our traditional way of full in-person teaching and learning will continue to be a disappointment and challenge for all of us.  However, CCPS will do everything possible to support our students and families in a virtual environment and hope that we are able to transition to a hybrid in-person model as soon as possible.  We will continue to communicate and provide more specific details, and individual schools will begin communicating directly in the coming weeks.