William Winchester Elementary School

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William Winchester Elementary School



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Joseph Dorsey

Kristine Hayden
Assistant Principal

70 Monroe Street
Westminster, MD 21157

Phone: 410-751-3230
Fax: 410-751-3929

 School Colors: Blue & White 

School Mascot: Roadrunner

Report your child's absence: WWEAttendance@carrollk12.org
If your child will be absent from school, please call the school, send in a note or send an email message to the address above.
Our Vision:
"We will create a collaborative, consistent and positive learning community that ensures high achievement and life long learning for all."
Our Core Values
Accountability          Respect          Honesty          Caring
Our Essential Question
How do my actions contribute to thinking, learning, and understanding?

We affectionately refer to our school as Willie. To one and all:
Welcome to Willie!