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Deborah Bunker

Assistant Principal
Jessica Bailey
Spring Garden Elementary
700 Boxwood Drive
Hampstead, Maryland 21074
Phone (410) 751-3433 Fax (410)751-3475
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Spring Garden Elementary will be a results-oriented collaborative culture focused on continuous learning within a safe and nurturing environment.


Spring Garden Elementary is a community that works together to help everyone learn and grow.

We Value

Safe and Orderly Environment

  • We will teach and display the character traits of respect, responsibility, honesty and effort.  

Climate of High Expectations for Success

  • We will hold students and learning community accountable for learning by implementing opportunities for continued improvement.
  • We will participate in weekly kid talk meetings to support teachers as they strive to help students meet academic and behavioral goals. 
  • Time in the instructional day will be utilized to provide students with review or extended learning - "Tiger Time" or "Club Time".

Instructional Leadership

  • We embrace shared leadership to provide a quality program that raises student achievement.
  • Open and honest dialogue within the SGE community will encourage reflection and inspire risk taking as we work together in a PLC.

Clear and Focused Mission

  • Collaboratively we will plan and pace instruction to meet the varied needs of our learners. 

Opportunity to Learn and Student Time on Task

  • Collaboratively we will analyze formative and summative data to make instructional decisions and to monitor student progress.

Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress

  •  Student progress will be frequently monitored and shared with staff, parents and students to drive instruction and promote student responsibility for their own learning.

Home School Relations

  • We will promote student success through opportunities for parent involvement and ongoing communication between home and school.