Middle Schools

Carroll County has 9 middle schools. Some middle school students also attend The Gateway School, an alternative school. The middle school organization in Carroll County includes grades 6 through 8. Students are organized into interdisciplinary teaching teams which provide instruction in the academic subjects. Instruction in the nonacademic areas is provided by separate teachers. Students are grouped and regrouped for instruction by teams of teachers.

Education for students in their middle learning years nurtures intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. Schools are organized to accommodate these unique developmental characteristics and needs. Curriculum, instruction, assessment, student activities and support services, as well as the environment, organization and administration, are designed to promote the improvement of academic skills, encourage individual student interests and talents, and foster social competency and personal success. The total school program enhances the quality of education and the personal lives of early adolescents, facilitates the successful transition from the middle learning years to the high school learning years, and lays an important foundation for life.

For more information contact Tom Hill, Director of Middle Schools at 410-751-3157 or email gthill@carrollk12.org .