Elementary Schools

Carroll County has 23 elementary schools. Grade level alignment for elementary schools in Carroll County is K-5 with the exception of Parr’s Ridge (K-2) and Mt. Airy Elementary (3-5). Some elementary schools also have prekindergarten programs. In addition, five of the elementary schools are regional special education centers.

Chronological age determines when a child may start school. Most children begin school in kindergarten and complete one grade per year. Provision is made, however, for the child who may need more or less than six years to complete the elementary program. Students are assigned to a class at the appropriate grade level. The classroom teachers are responsible for most of the student’s instruction. Specialists provide and/or assist with programs for art, music, media, physical education, reading and special needs.

Children are grouped and regrouped according to their needs. A student may move to a specialist and/or other classes and grade levels to receive appropriate instruction on his or her level.

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