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Grade 6 Homework


Social Studies (Mrs. Macurak)

Egyptian Daily Life pop-up book due December 19th. (Students who are here this week  will be working on their books this Wednesday and Thursday during the school day.)

Unit Test will be taken Tuesday, December 23rd. See blue study guide.

Egypt Spirals due Tuesday, December 23rd. See yellow table of contents on 33L to make sure you have all intos, beyonds, notes, etc. Don't forget to create your cover on 32R with 5 pictures, 5 captions and 5 colors.

Math (Miss Raith)

Periods 2, 3 and 4 to get Math Test reflection signed

Academic Development (Miss Latimer)


Academic Development (Grant)


Cursive signature- practice and final signature is due by January 15th

Grammar Language Quiz Unit 1 (open book) Tuesday

Grammar Language Test Unit 1 (open book) Wednesday

 Study Wordly Wise vocabulary words for your lesson. USE SOUND!

 Home access:

    Upcoming lessons' final testing dates are:

              Lesson 4- Tuesday, Dec. 23 (Quarter 2- test 2)

REMEMBER: You can complete your tests prior to the due dates! Also, you can

                        go ahead to the next lessons, if you choose!


  Home access:    Click on the words 'Reading Plus' then on 'Login'

       Site Code: rpnwindsorms

English/Language Arts (Miss Zorn)

Period 4: Fiction Skills Quiz - December 18th

Science (Mrs. Hicks)