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Grade 6 Homework


We are still in need of donations of salt and baking soda for our mummification simulation. Please help, if possible.

Return report card envelopes, portfolios and sign-off sheet for portfolios.

Don't forget that parents/guardians need to bring all medications in to the nurse this week, if students are going to Outdoor School next week.

Students received a "Walking Tour of New Windsor" field trip permission slip today. Please get this signed by parent/guardian and brought back to school as soon as possible.

Social Studies (Mrs. Macurak)

Get "Walking Tour" Permission Slip signed.

Math (Miss Raith)

No homework

Academic Development (Grant)


 Study Wordly Wise vocabulary words for your lesson. USE SOUND!

 Home access:

    Upcoming lessons' final testing dates are:

              Lesson 3- Friday, Nov. 21 or Friday, Dec. 5 ( varies due to Outdoor School)

              Lesson 4- Tuesday, Dec. 23

REMEMBER: You can complete your tests prior to the due dates! Also, you can

                        go ahead to the next lessons, if you choose!


  Home access:    Click on the words 'Reading Plus' then on 'Login'

       Site Code: rpnwindsorms

English/Language Arts (Miss Zorn)

No homework

Science (Mrs. Hicks)

No homework