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Grade 6 Homework


- Outdoor School forms forms and money are due by October 29th. (Checks should be made payable to New Windsor Middle School.)

- Students need a binder or a flash drive for their 6th grade portfolio. Please see blue paper that students received in homeroom today. Binder or flash drive is due by October 24th.

Social Studies (Mrs. Macurak)

Final Unit Test will be taken Friday, Oct. 24th for first unit. Please see yellow study guide.

Spiral will be collected Friday, October 24th. See purple table of contents. (Don't forget to complete cover on 2R with 5 pictures, 5 labels, 5 colors, the unit name and your name!)

Math (Miss Raith)

Period 1- Test on Friday, October 24th.

Periods 2, 3 and 4- No homework

Period 5- Finish Face. Quiz tomorrow.

 Academic Development (Grant)

Study Wordly Wise vocabulary words. New updated website to access is:

Upcoming lessons' final testing dates are:

   Lesson 1- Monday, October 13th

   Lesson 2- Tuesday, October 28th

Students may complete lesson requirements at home; testing must be completed at school on or before the final testing dates listed above. 

English/Language Arts (Miss Zorn)

No homework

Science (Mrs. Hicks)

Students will have an assessment on "States of Matter" and Changes of State on Thursday, 10/23. Study guide is coming home tonight.