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Grade 6 Homework


Field Trip permissions slip (blue) for the Walters Art Gallery and the Baltimore Museum of Art was handed out on 4/14/15. Student permission slip and money is due on Monday, May 18th.

Social Studies (Mrs. Macurak)

All classes-

Museum replica project is due May 28th. (Students have completed their research on their topic.)   Please see salmon-colored letter describing project workshops in April!!! Next week's workshop will be papier mache and Plaster of Paris.

Quiz next Thursday, April 23rd (See pink study guide that went home on 4/15)

China spiral is due on Friday, April 24th. Students should create a cover on 74Right with their name, the unit name, five pictures, five captions and five colors. (See purple table of contents on 75L.)

Periods 1,2,4 and 5- Complete Beyond on 85L.

Math (Miss Raith)

Periods 1-4- Quiz on Equations will be taken tomorrow. Complete Study Guide for homework.

 Academic Development (Miss Latimer)


Academic Development (Grant)

Periods 2,3, 4, 5:

  1. Wordly Wise vocabulary - Lesson 10 test - Wednesday, April 22nd    

                  Computer access can still be used for reinforcement!

                 Home access:

     2.   Grammar Language- n/a

Period 1:

  Home access:    Click on the words 'Reading Plus' then on 'Login'

       Site Code: rpnwindsorms

English/Language Arts (Miss Zorn)


Science (Mrs. Hicks)

Periods 1 and 3- Bring in Rube Goldberg items, if any