New Windsor Middle School

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Grade 6 Homework


Social Studies (Mrs. Macurak)

Study for next Tuesday's quiz on 78R (See green study guide.)

Project choice paper due tomorrow.

Math (Miss Raith)

Period 1- Finish work

 Academic Development (Miss Latimer)



Academic Development (Grant)

Periods 2,3, 4, 5:

  1. Wordly Wise vocabulary - Lesson 7 workbook pages and           

                 Lesson 7 test - Thursday, March 4th or Friday, March 5th, depending on 

                 weather; if there is a delay on Thursday, we WILL have the WW7 test..

                   Computer access can still be used for reinforcement!

                 Home access:

     2.   Grammar Language- pages 105,106,107, 108

Period 1:

  Home access:    Click on the words 'Reading Plus' then on 'Login'

       Site Code: rpnwindsorms

English/Language Arts (Miss Zorn)

Periods 1-3-Argument Writing Quiz will be taken March 6th.


Science (Mrs. Hicks)