Vocal Music
Vocal Music
Our ensembles bring singers together to rehearse and perform choral music of multiple cultures, languages, historical periods, and styles. Ear-training and music reading skills are also featured as an integral part of all rehearsals.
Singing with a chorus gives singers a forum to work together to create something beautiful and to share that achievement with others. This process cultivates our singers' sense of responsibility, commitment, self-discipline, confidence, and poise. These are key ingredients for success in any field of endeavor. Singers are encouraged to appreciate high standards of artistic excellence and to cultivate a love of beauty that can enrich each individual's experience for a lifetime.
Concert Choir - Anyone can join
Women's Festival Chorus - Must go through an audition in order to join
Ensemble - Must go through an audition in order to join
Event Place Date and Time
Adjudication MVHS March 3
Elsteddfod WHS March 20 at 7:30 pm
Spring Concert   Monday, May 18 at 7:00
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Ms. Mauck
Choral Director